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Nordia Springs is an international leader in quality spring production. We provide complete spring solutions and manufacture assemblies tailored to customer needs. Our expert development and production teams can handle almost any production requirement with efficiency and accuracy.


We offer our customers a comprehensive set of spring engineering services which includes planning and development, CNC machining and made-to-measure packing solutions for the springs we produce.


Nordia Springs and our subsidiaries, AIC and Sprinco, have produced to date over 50,000 different spring specifications for a large cross-section of industries including aeronautical, irrigation, automotive, agriculture, cellular, telecom, medical, electronics, locks and furniture.


Our manufacturing machinery is amongst the most advanced in the world. We make intensive use of computerization in production control, complemented by ERP management and a unique software system to define required features and develop them according to our customers needs.


We implement advanced methods and standards for quality assurance. We are certified with AS 9100 Revision B, BS EN ISO 9001: 2000 and ISO/TS 16949: 2002, see Quality Control.


Nordia is a member of the European Institute of Spring Technology (IST), an association which facilitates ongoing consultation with the world's top spring production experts. Our relationship with the IST brings about a sharing of production expertise and experience benefiting Nordia Springs and other member companies alike and provides access to the latest research in spring production technology.


Today we have over 600 active industrial customers, amongst them dozens of leading multinational industrial firms - something that indicates the quality of our production and service (see Customers).Our customers are based mainly in Europe and the Middle East but we also supply the US and Far Eastern markets.


Our engineering and manufacturing facilities cover some 4,500 m2 and we employ 160 workers. Personalized service to each and every client is a major characteristic of Nordia Springs. Our staff are highly motivated and do everything they can to assist our customers before, during and after production.



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