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Our Clients

Nordia Spring supplies a wide cross-section of industries including automotive, cellular, irrigation, agricultureaeronautical, telecom, medical, electronics, locks and furniture.


In the last four years we have produced over 200 lots of initial samples for various customers and every single lot has passed the client's strict demands for quality. The majority of these sample lots are now in ongoing production at Nordia Springs.


Some of our most demanding customers implement controls and regulations which require rigorous audits of quality and procedures at their suppliers' facilities. Such external audits are carried out regularly on our production, engineering, development and QA processes.


At Nordia Springs, close interaction with the customer is a natural part of the production process. We are available to our customers for advice and assistance from the planning stages of the required assembly / sub-assembly through to changes in the functional requirements of the springs if and when the need arises.


Among our customers are industry-leading multi-nationals, a few of which are briefly described below.


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