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Automotive Industry

Europe’s biggest supplier of brake components for trucks and goods vehicles, Wabco, comes to Nordia for reliability and quality. Nordia Springs is serving directly to nine different Wabco production plants around the world, directly to their production lines. All products should conform the tight demands of ISO TS 16949 standard.
Nordia supplies serially to 9 Wabco sites in France, Poland, Germany (3 sites), China, Brazil, England, Holland.
Woco is a world-wide supplier of acoustic and anti-vibration equipment, actuators (turbo-charges) and fuel injection systems. Nordia produces a wide range of different springs for Woco actuators, including those which pass a special process called warm pre-stress. Most of the springs are produced from highly chrome-silicon alloys called super-clean VD SiCr and Oteva 75 (SiCrV).
General Motors is one of the largest Nordia's customer in the automotive industry for which we supply over 400 tons springs each year. The springs are supplied directly to the production facilities in the United States.
Millions of springs are manufactured each year by Nordia Springs for Citroen’s telescopic piston and shock absorber production plants in France.
New project for engine valve spring is in operation.
With production facilities in many sites, Schefenacker is the world’s largest manufacturer of automobile mirrors. Our company produces and supplies springs for Schefenacker products, some of which undergo special coating processes to allow them to stand up against corrosion in the most severe conditions. They are tested in salt spray cell for 700 hours continuously without signs of corrosion.
Nordia was chosen by Audi for development, production and supplying of diesel engine valve springs; special material – SiCrV ("OTEVA 75") oval wire section is used.
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