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Yoram Yairi

Position: General Manager
Phone: 972-9-8893010
Email: Yoram@nordia.co.il

Yoram Yairi, (56) married and father for three, has appointed CEO of Nordia Springs at 4th November 2011.


Yoram brings, over thirteen years of, springs manufacture experience, with special emphasis on Six Sigma Lean  management  proficiency  training.


Yoram has served in Israeli army defence in the air force pararescue unit as a trooper, for four years, then learn chemistry at Tel Aviv University


Yoram Yairi is an ordinary member of Nordia ACS. LTD and has elected to several management duties:

1993-1996 nominated to Nordia CEO.

2000-2002 elected to Nordia chairman.

Also has nominated to serve as CEO at Bone Nordia and AIC (Anglo Israel Component).


Yoram has experienced in plant combination and integrate the employees in progressive efficiency.

That kind of integrations, between employees and workshop, are the crown of his leadership.




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