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Nordia Springs History

 The Nordia Spring factory was established in 1961 by Joseph Vismark and Israel Carmel in Moshav Nordia - a primarily agricultural community in central Israel. By 1963 the original partnership had been dissolved and the factory became wholly owned and run by the moshav, as it proudly remains to this day.


The factory was initially set up on just 100 square meters of land and had 10 workers, all from the community. The original production line was somewhat primitive, driven by an automobile gearbox connected to a lathe with the springs being wound on the lathe spindle.


 However, what was lacking in money was made up for by resourcefulness and determination. Ingenuity and drive brought success as the first springs were put in production at Nordia and within two years the factory had purchased its first automated spring machine.


Today, some 50 years later, Nordia Springs has developed into an international leader in spring production. Our expert development and production teams can handle almost any production requirement with efficiency and accuracy.


 We operate an array of top-of-the-line production machinery with extensive computerization by ERP management and production control and a unique software system designed to define required features and develop them according to our customers needs.





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