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The plant's modern equipment allows automated production at competitive prices and with short supply times. Products are delivered to the customers by marketing personnel.

Metal types used in manufacture include: electronic grade copper, brass, phosphorous bronze, beryllium copper, steel, stainless steel, nickel and aluminum.

Maximum thickness: 3mm.

Maximum width: 90mm.

Machining accuracy: 0.008mm.

Nordia springs can design and manufacture a wide range of products, encompassing many of industrial fields, including: connectors, bus bars, bridge bars, screw thread, welded silver contacts.

Contacts are welded by a unique process, the only of its kind in Israel. The parts manufacturing process saves the customer much money and raw materials.

The welding process is approved by the Israel Standards Institute, and the range of Nordia springs products meets the strict quality and precision requirements of both the local and foreign electronics industries.

The production line quality assurance meets strict quality standards and ensures high levels of accuracy and finish.

Production facilities and quality assurance program are qualified by defense industries, as well as leading commercial industrial companies.


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